Natural Green Glowing Fluorite Crystal Skull

  • $22.03

Enter the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Tap into energy with your ever glowing crystal skull. 

Our 2 inch Natural Green Fluorite Crystal Skulls have many uses:

- These little skulls will help you gather the intense vibrational energy for maximum impact in your Reiki healing.

- Purify your mind and Chakral energy in order to tap into your psychic abilities.

- Are you a church Pastor looking for a vessel to cast Demons into?  Look no further, and give these skulls a try.  Just like how the Psychics use these skulls for purification.  Use these skulls to purify someone of their Demons.   Imprison Demons with this natural fluorite skill.  Grab these Demons by the horns and free that 3rd eye!

- Are you looking to make a custom gear shifter for your ride?  Try one of these permanently glowing crystal skulls.  

- Or, are you just looking for a cool decoration of a glowing skull?


*The Skull Glows even more under the light.

 Order today and tap into your energy.  Buy 2 or more and get 10% off your order with Code EVERGREEN10!



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